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How to add character to your living room

While there’s nothing wrong in blindly follow trends when it comes to designing your living spaces, many people seem to lose their uniqueness and sense of style due to these trendy, but also extremely common ideas.
Here are a few ways to decorate your living room without letting go of your character

Play with your walls with any color or wallpaper that you like. There’s no rule that everything in your living room has to match. You could opt for a shabby chic look by mixing and matching your walls, fixtures and furnishings. If you do love structure and choose to go down the ‘modern’ road, then stick to furniture that is sleek and simple and in solid colors. You could also choose to paint your current furniture in other colors,

Pepper your living room with items that you love. This may be picture frames with photographs of you and your family, or if you are an art lover, you could choose abstract wall fixtures or paintings to give character to your living room. Writers could add framed quotes to their walls.

living room wall

living room wall

If you travel often, you can incorporate into your living room souvenirs that you purchased during your travel, whether it’s a rug, or cushions or ornaments.

Basically, you could add any personal pieces that you treasure, or art that you love to create a room full of character.

Living Room Design Photos

arts on the wall

arts on the wall

living room design with great wall

living room design with great wall

small white living room

small white living room

small living room with family photos on the wall

small living room with family photos on the wall

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